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Regulatory compliance is costly – especially for small and medium-sized companies. But it’s also an opportunity – an opportunity to improve your business processes, provide better service and deliver more value to your customers.


The question is how do you adapt your business to meet customer and regulatory demands in an affordable way – and still grow your business ?


Successful food and beverage companies are leveraging technology to build agile business processes and are transforming the challenge of compliance into a competitive advantage. And a flexible, adaptable IT business solution – like Microsoft Dynamics NAV, formerly Microsoft® Business Solutions–Navision® – is the cornerstone of their strategy.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an integrated business management solution especially designed for growing small and medium-sized companies. It is ideal for companies looking for one solution they can implement rapidly, learn and use easily, and customize and maintain with minimal disruption to their business.

Turn Compliance into a Competitive Advantage With Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives small and medium-sized companies an efficient, affordable way to streamline processes, increase productivity, and focus on growing their business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables food and beverage companies to:


• Gain better control over compliance and business processes

• Achieve greater business insight by capitalizing on compliance data and information

• Improve customer service


Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help your company not only meet, but go beyond the demands of customers and industry regulations – and realize business success.


Track and trace With Flexible Processes and Fast Access to Accurate Data

Tracking and tracing – the ability to collect, record, organize and retrieve product details accurately and at a moment’s notice – is at the heart of most regulations and requires flexible, automated business processes.


Find product details fast

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to track and trace product details easily and quickly by connecting information and processes across your organization. Integrated applications enable easy drill-down to detailed information from anywhere in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, providing immediate, simultaneous access to real-time data on everything from production orders and expiry dates to Immediate Previous Source (IPS) and Immediate Subsequent Recipient (ISR).


Respond quickly with precise information

Regulatory compliance requires accurate data. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has a centralized database for financial, manufacturing, distribution and CRM functionality meaning information is entered only once and the chance for errors and inaccurate information is greatly reduced. You can easily drill down to individual transactions and information about particular events. Your employees can find the information they need and respond faster and with greater accuracy to customer and industry demands.


Increase the accuracy of inventory data

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to track and trace items at any time during the sales, purchase, transfer process, and afterwards with serial and lot numbering. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you to increase and maintain the accuracy of your inventory data throughout your company with features such as item tracking and an automated data capture system (ADCS). Stock data can be captured and registered automatically. You can allocate unique barcodes to products and materials which can be traced back to the original supplier or source. These barcodes can be scanned by sensors and computer terminals on forklift trucks, and this data is also automatically recorded in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You’ll be able to track and monitor mission-critical events, potential item shortages, production processes and cash flow issues.

Transform Compliance Data into Valuable Business Insight and Lower Your Costs

The detailed information required for compliance can also be analyzed and transformed into decision-driving intelligence. The business analyses capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV allow you to turn your data into business critical information you can use to increase product quality and better manage costs.

Analyze data the way you want

Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to analyze the data you want, the way you want with flexible data views, graphical key performance indicators and rich drill-down capabilities. For example, you can view, analyze and compare product quality data, sales and profitability trends, inventory movement, orders and fulfillments, and more. Easy-to-use tools for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) let you extract, analyze, and present data from across your entire business while working within a familiar Microsoft Outlook-style interface.


You can also attribute characteristics to the information you record in your daily work, and set up dimension value hierarchies. These capabilities can help you gain a better understanding of cost details and where improvements can be made.

Today, regulators and retailers are not the only ones who care about compliance. Your customers care, too. And, unless they trust your brand, they will not buy your product. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it’s easier to build and strengthen your customer relationships through proactive communication and collaboration. Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to personalize your relationships by managing requests for compliance information, order information or shipping details with a complete view of buying histories, user-defined profiles and customer-specific criteria.


Make it easy for your customers

Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes it possible for you to leverage the power of the Internet to streamline your commercial interactions with customers and suppliers. External online users can view appropriate, precise information from across your business as they place orders or plan to collaborate within their supply chain.


Your customers and partners can serve themselves easily and efficiently through Web-based self-service and XML-based computer-to-computer interaction. It reduces the risk of errors and the amount of time spent on entering data, such as purchase and sales orders.


Realize the Value of Compliance With a Business Partner Like Solution Systems Who Understands Your Business

Solution Systems has chosen to specialize in the food and beverage industry. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise required to develop a Microsoft Dynamics NAV food and beverage solution that fits the way you do business and that compiles with the industry requirements specific to your region and market. 

We speak your language and appreciate the complexities of your processes.

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